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烟台润江机床附件有限公司位于中国山东省烟台市,专业设计生产数控机床用动力卡盘、回转油(气)缸及各种特种专用夹具。公司成立以来,已先后为上海宝钢集团公司、衡阳华菱钢管有限公司、天津钢管集团股份有限公司、 江钻股份等著名企业设计制作了一批专业特种卡盘,替代进口,同时实现了K52、K54、K55系列动力卡盘、P24系列回转油缸的批量生产。




Yantai Runjiang machine tool accessories co., LTD is situated in Yantai city, Shandong province of China, specialized in designing and manufacturing power chucks, rotary oil (gas) cylinders and all kinds of particular special fixtures for CNC machine tools. Since its establishment, the company has successively supplied various types special chucks for Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co. Ltd.,Tianjin pipe Group Corporation , Kingdream Public Limited Company .Those have replaced the imported and filled up domestic blank, and at the same time has realized the batch production of K52, K54, K55 series power chucks , and of P24 series rotary oil cylinders .

We own rich technical personnel, and can provide all kinds of special fixture according to the requirements of customers。

Paying attention to quality, keeping innovation and returning customer are our unremitting pursuit.

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